Tolerance Academy is a mobile peace-building Academy aimed at providing young people with tools and skills needed to propagate the messages of peace in order to build a peacefully sustainable society. The Academy is an educational boot-camp that brings young people together and grooms them using a dynamically comprehensive curriculum spanning: Multiculturalism, Interculturalism, Democratic Value Development, Human and Civic Rights and Responsibilities. It is the flagship project of Youth Tolerance for Peace Development Initiative (YTFPDI).

YTFPDI as an organization is set up based on the growing need for a broad- based platform for building corporation, bridging socio-cultural gaps, developing democratic values and human rights advocacy using unconventional approaches that give sustained spiral impact. The vision and mission statements below are the bipolar drive of YTFPDI on which Tolerance Academy operates on:

Vision: To have a society where young people will have rights and access to engage in activities that can create mutual cooperation and re-direct their strength towards self-sustaining themselves.

Mission: To establish systems that empower young people to make responsible decisions concerning their development. This will be done by adopting innovative and socio-economic based approaches in empowering young people to develop mutual cooperation as well as developing advocacy, action-based and result-oriented initiatives while partnering with other relevant groups.

What We Do With Tolerance Academy

The project brings young people together from diverse background and equip them with peace building skills, particularly skills that help in enhancing their integrative complexity. With innovative pedagogical models, young people are taken through a comprehensive curriculum that provides opportunity for hands-on learning, learning from experience as well as peer-peer learning.

The project is driven by its objective of developing young people’s capacity to lead conflict transformation processes and advocate for nonviolence and a Culture of Peace. This effectively ensures meaningful youth participation in issues of peace and security. In line with this, we work towards our vision of a world free from violence in which young people actively participate and lead in the peaceful
transformation of conflicts and work towards cultivating a culture of peace.

The Academy effectively provides plural lens for young people. By changing the lens through which young people understand conflict, we open new opportunities for sustainable change by learning how to creatively and constructively deal with conflict in a way that helps us develop as individuals and communities.

With understanding conflict comes the need to develop skills and competences to be able to deal with and transform it, for young people to act as agents for conflict transformation. Over the years, our alumni have been able to voice their opinions and concerns in peace-building, and highlight and give visibility to their experience and contribution in the field of peace-building.

Through developing their capacities as advocates for peace, young people share existing tools and resources on advocacy, learn from each other’s experiences on the ground, and improve strategies for effective advocacy for peace as a collective.