Dubbed as the pioneering cohort, this class brought together exciting 70 young people from different parts of Nigeria. With very rich diversity in terms of socio-cultural leaning, gender and religion, the cohort boosts of pacesetting individuals who have gone to launch game changing social development ideas while representing the ideals of Tolerance Academy. The class has produced individuals who have come back to be facilitators at the Academy and are currently managing one portfolio or the other. Based on a survey conducted, about 90% of this class is very active in the area of peace-building, leading and volunteering for community based causes that use different models to effect changes and make positive impact. More importantly is the fact that this class has reached out to more than 10000 younger ones in primary and secondary schools across Nigeria and have raised more than 5000 peace peer educators.


Crises in Nigeria have created deep rooted prejudices within Nigeria’s young population and there’s no education platform to correct this. With about 200,000 high school teachers, less than 1% has peace-building bias. According to Compass News, on yearly basis Nigeria records more than 10 ethnic clashes perpetuated by young people. Crisis Monitor posits that more than 3000 teenagers are being recruited yearly to fuel ethnic/religious crisis across Nigeria, with 4000 youth dead from 2007 – 2012. In response to this, this class comprises young teachers less than 30 years old brought under a learning umbrella where they went through the comprehensive curriculum of the Academy. As local teachers, this class has created partnership with their students back in their schools and have formed various peace clubs in response to their action plan post the training at the Academy. This class is 55 in size, but has reached more than 20,000 young students with peacebuilding narratives.


This class is made up of richly diverse classical millennials who are taking over their space and are calling the shot. Selected from different parts of the country, this class houses young people with motley skills and strength which helped in facilitating personal learning through peer-peer engagement at the Academy. As a class of 60 young people, more than 92% of the class is active in civic engagements across the country, with some of them leading game changing causes and creating social profits for their communities. Indirectly, the class has reached up to 10000 younger people.