Countering Violent Extremism


Violent extremism affects us all, we must all respond with equal measure to neutralize extreme tendencies. This is a call to action, to move beyond partisanship and hold on full throttle to the campaign against violent extremism in any form.

The virulent spread of violent extremism has greatly troubled the international community over the last several years. Violent extremist groups are posing a direct assault on the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and are undermining efforts to maintain peace and security, foster sustainable development, and promote the respect for human rights.

2016 saw the escalation of violent extremism around the world and for the first time, violent extremism became world’s most haunting phrase, given the attendant harrowing experiences people have been subjected to. While some terrorist attacks were duly reported and given media coverage globally with condolences pouring in from all over, in some others, victims who were lucky to survive absorb their pains without much ‘fanfare’. These ones bear the scars of their wounds like medals having jumped off the claws of act of violent extremism. In some cases, the scars could be losing one arm, or losing one leg, or going blind, or being rendered homeless and orphaned. These are permanent scars that send endless reminders of horror, grief and depression. We are extremely together with these ones and the ones who have gone to the world beyond as we would continue to hold brief for the lost ones.

We must all come together to defeat the scourge of violent extremism.

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