Engaging Young People


It has become imperative to go the young way and leverage the opportunities young people offer to rescue the world and build a future for the generations coming behind. This, one part is the primary focus of the Tolerance Academy project.

We have to recognise the positive and active role and contributions of young people in promoting development, peace, democracy and in protecting and promoting value based systems, such as tolerance and understanding, including respect for other cultures. The future success of the global society rests with the continued commitment and contributions of young people in promoting and sustaining value based systems and principles, and the commitment to investing in and promoting their development, particularly through the creation of opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship.

The younger generation, particularly those in their late teens and 20s, many of whom are struggling to find meaningful employment, have aspirations that deserve to be heard. They are often the first to recognize a problem or feel its effects — from joblessness to the rise of extremism. Young people are also often best able to propose and implement solutions that shift the needle and have an enduring impact.

Young people have proven capabilities, and are contributing to national life — whether they work in private enterprise, public sector or with voluntary organizations. They should be seen not only as the beneficiaries or as passive recipients of support. Rather, they should be recognized in their own right as champions, custodians and innovators in development.

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